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Death Cab for Cutie Music Video- Casting & Locations Needed
Body: We're looking for 20-something girls and guys to be featured in a DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE video for Atlantic Records. The group is commissioning a video for every song on their album PLANS and this is your chance to get immortalized in this amazing band's discography.

The casting session will be THIS Wednesday, January 25th in Santa Monica. We are shooting on January 28th & 29th in the LA area. We will use actors for no more than 4 hours; and are flexible in our scheduling.

We are looking for CUTE indie/emo/hipster girls.
And dudes that dress like the guys in Death Cab for Cutie.

This job is Non-Union, and there is no pay. No acting experience necessary. Email headshots/photos, contact info and resume (if applicable) to casting@keithschofield.com.

Also, we're in need of some locations:

a field or big garden of flowers

a bedroom w/ a big curtain to a window with a view (e.g., you open the curtains and light sunlight pours in the room)

Any cool places to watch the sunrise?? We all know it sets on the West Side - but not sure where a cool place is to see it rise is.

Anyone have any ideas for locations send them my way! I'll give you an associate producer credit!

Just send a message to casting@keithschofield.com.
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